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A Ninety Second Crash Course on Otherkin

A Ninety Second Crash Course on Otherkin
© 2006 shadows_wolf06

Otherkin are those of us who feel as though our souls are not of human origin. Whether we identify with those of the dragon, elven, were or shadow races, we identify our souls as being non-human. This is not to say that we believe our physical bodies to be that of another race. Of course our body is the same as every other human on this earth at this point in time.

Some of us feel what we've termed phantom limbs which may include tails, ears, wings, or other appendages from past lives we can still remember or that which we feel on the astral. Many times elven souls will sometimes feel their ears as being longer and pointed while those of angelic or draconic origins can also feel wings or tails as well.

The process of remembering who we were and where we came from, as well as opening up to our new level of perceptions and awareness is called Awakening. Some of us are able to completely sift through the process relatively quickly while others may take years or even their whole lifetime to come to terms with it. We are all on a never-ending quest for knowledge, and it begins with knowing ourselves fully for who and what we truly are.

There are so very many types of otherkin. Angelics, Draconics, Elven, Therianthropes, Vampires, Demons, Etc. Many of us have come here to teach, heal, or learn lessons that we could not have done otherwise in another place or time. Most of us believe in other realms or plains of existence, whether it be from intuition or memories we've had the chance to relive and remember.

Some of the traits we often possess is the longings to go home, regardless of whether or not we're actually in our mundane home at the time. Another is a feeling that we've never belonged here, that we're out of place and we just can't fit in. Many times we feel so very misunderstood by others surrounding us because our train of thought is just so different from theirs. The fact that others cannot grasp it is often more than a bit frustrating as well.

Our eye colors may change with our moods, often times we have allergic reactions to strange metals, uncommon allergies to rocks or crystals, wood and even at times places or objects. Many of us have claimed to hold at least some control, however precarious or accidental it may be, over time or weather. There are often times where we may be able to see beings often hidden to others such as ghosts or poltergeists, pixies or other sprites, fae beings or untraceable oddities that never end up having explanations as to their origins.

Other 'kin traits exist as well, of which I'll get around to posting soon.


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