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The Forest Haven

an informational otherkin community

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Forest Haven was originally created back in 2005 by it's founder, shadows_wolf06. It was meant to become an informative as well as safe community, one which was free from role players, trolls and out-and-out weirdos.

But as life has a habit of doing... personal issues sprouted up and Haven was left to sit.

Now, three years later, we're in the process of getting Haven back on track. I'd like to thank the members who have stuck with us this far, and promise to do my best to get informative and helpful posts up while maintaining the original feel of the community.

To keep the safe and familial atmosphere here at Haven, we do insist that our membership is moderated. This means that you must e-mail the moderators before attempting to join. If your journal is Friends Only, please friend our community so that we may see you. Again, this helps cut down on those simply here to waste your time and ours, as well as ensuring our members privacy and protection.

We do have a couple of rules to follow here in the Forest Haven, and as such, new members are expected and required to read them:

1.) Watch the language. forest_haven is a community that is open to all ages. This means that there may be minors here, and as such, our members are expected to monitor their use of crass language. The mods can't catch every swear, but use the f-bomb as well as some of the other harsher words (you shouldn't need to be told which ones), and you will find yourself permanently banned from this community.

2.) Respect your fellow members, be they 'kin or not. I am serious about this one, folks. There is no kin-bashing, human-bashing, religious intolerance, bigotry, racism, etc. allowed at this community. You are perfectly welcome to take your issues and write about them to your hearts content in your own journals, but do not do so here. Generally, we have the three-strike rule, but I'm willing to wave it if the situation calls for it.

3.) Please keep posts on-topic. I honestly don't mind public surveys as long as they are behind a lj-cut and kept to a minimum. Also, as members here, you are not required to answer said surveys if you feel uneasy with them. It is your information being given out. Make your decisions accordingly.

4.) No trolling, flaming, whining or other idiocy-in-general allowed. If you're having a bad day, check the attitude at the door. Haven is a place for discussion, debate and learning. Please do not ruin the atmosphere for our other members because you're having issues.

5.) Inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. This means no adult content (porn is included under the banner of "adult content"), no spam, and the moderation of the use of inappropriate language.

6.) If a serious problem has cropped up and for whatever reason I haven't caught it yet, e-mail me immediately at the following address: shadows_wolf06 @ hotmail dot com. I generally check it once a day at least, so I will take care of your concerns from there.

7.) Anybody claiming to be the reincarnation of Isis, Death Incarnate, Frodo, Neo, High Priestess of Zion of the Helion System: Quadrant Ten, Jedi Master Yoda, or a angelfaevampwereslugapottamus will not be tolerated. If you don't know what you are, that's fine, but if you're going to claim something completely off the wall, your membership will be canceled immediately. No exceptions.

Ignorance is tolerable, Stupidity, however, is not.

That being said, welcome to the community and I hope it can be of help.

If you need to contact me, please drop by my personal journal or e-mail me via the address listed in my userinfo.